Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week Four - March 29-April 4, 2009

Hi everyone!

We have some of the cutest little bathing beauties around!

This weeks theme is tummy time!

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Tummy time cutie! One of the few pics of him actually enjoying tummy time! He HATES it usually!!!


I can still suck my fingers during tummy time :-)
But its more fun to look up and around!

Sometimes tummy time is just for relaxing.
Runaway Bride!

My little surfer girl!

Look mom, I can be charming even during tummy time!!!

Avery thinks she's a super model.

Happy Baby

Sophia loves tummy time!

Kailey LOVES tummy time!!

This picture has always cracked me up. Tummy time used to make Harrison so mad and then when we took this picture he just got even more furious.We call it the fire breathing baby.

I'm going way back for this one! At about a week old, his first tummy time with dad! One of my favorite pics of them together.

One of his first tummy times...check out that giant noggin!

Karina enjoys tummy time most of the time. This is her at 4 weeks.

This was from when Tyler was 2 weeks old. He feel asleep during tummy time.

She's not a big fan of tummy time so we were happy to get a picture without tears.

What's better than tummy time? NAKED tummy time! This is from when Milo was 3 months.

This is seriously the ONLY pic of Jocelyn on her belly. Add "tummy time photos" to To-Do list.

Tummy time is the perfect time to rest my head.

From when Linc was 10 weeks old.
"Yum, this boppy sure tastes good!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Week Three - March 22-28, 2009

Hi girls!

I am amazed each week how beautiful our little ones are. Last week we had nearly 20 babies showing off their green spirit.

This weeks theme is bath time, so show off those clean(or dirty) babies!

Remember directions to post are in the right hand side bar, and I'll post pics to the post from the comments as I get them.

Sean has always loved his bath time!

Bathtime is definetly Kailey's favorite time of the day!

A clean monkey.

Harrison and his green duckie getting clean. Can you tell he has learned how to splash in the bathtub now!

Look who finally figured out how to enjoy his baths!

She was two months old here. One of my favorite bath pics.

Oliver loves the duck tub!

Allison just loves the chicken head towel that MayBride sent her! I swear she's happier after baths these days.

relaxing in the duck tub

Here is Emma after her first bath.

we call this one.......the sexy leg!

Jocelyn is NOT a fan of bath time!

She loves her pink duck tub.

Avery loves her bath time!!!!

All wrapped up in his froggie towel.

Here is Linc at 3 months. The jury is still out about whether he likes baths or not. Some days he does, some days he doesn't. AB&TB.

Here is one of him sleeping in his ducky towel just after his bath at 10 weeks old.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week Two - March 15-21, 2009

Hi everyone!
Yeah!!! More than 20 of us showed off our beautiful bundles of joy last week, lets see if we can top that this week!

St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday, so lets see some green in our pics this week!

We really do have some of the most beautiful babies around!

Remember directions to post are in the right hand side bar, and I'll post pics to the post from the comments as I get them.

Apparently, Jocelyn doesn't wear green. Thankfully, Daddy does and the "bink" is green.

The only picture I can find with green in it! Hailey is 2 months old in this picture and its one of my favorites!

I took this yesterday and I LOVE it.

I haven't had a chance to take a St. Patty's picture. But here is one of his 3 month pictures. The little green jumper that he is wearing was supposed to be for 1 year olds. He has long since outgrown it.

This is an older photo, from when Milo was 6 months old.

We do not have very much green in my girl's wardrobe so here she is in her festive bib!

Here is Emma in her St. Patty's Day outfit.

Ethan loves his little shamrock ears but wanted nothing to do with those fun glasses Mommy got for him!
~ ourlittlebean

This is Sophia in her Eagles outfit. It's from last fall - she is about 4 months old.

Taken today in his St. Patrick's Day gear!!

I call this his "Froggie went a-courtin'" outfit. :-)
- dr.girlfriend

Nobody can pinch me today! :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Love, Ris and Jax

This is the most green in an outfit I could find :) She wears too much pink!

In all his greenery. His hat looks like a leprechaun's hat :)

Here is my little environmental leprechaun!

Happy St. Patty's Day! She looks like a boy, but oh well!

i'm your lucky charm!

Taken just a minute ago!

My little redheaded Irish man sporting his green.

Ethan telling me how big the potato was that he ate on St. Patty's day....such an exaggerator already!