Monday, April 27, 2009

Week Eight - April 26-May 2, 2009

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend, I went out of town, so I am just getting to this now. Last week we proved that our little ones do sleep, well at least occasionally.

This week the task is simple. Take a picture of your little one from this week, then tell us their name, what they were doing, and how old they currently are.

Remember directions to post are in the right hand side bar, and I'll post pics to the post from the comments as I get them. Please keep it to one pic per baby.

Kailey Jade- "swimming" in her duck tub outside. She's 7 months.

Avery's first trip to the lake where I grew up. This is how we celebrated her 7-month birthday!

Here are Ben & Kate on Saturday which was their 6 month birthday look what we got them:

This is Paxton sitting on a rock at the edge of a river in a town near us. He LOVED looking into the water and watching the movement. He is 5 months and 3 weeks old.

Here is Max's best impression of Rocky Balboa, lol. He is 8 weeks old.

This is Harrison at the Auburn Arboretum for Arbor Day. The weather was perfect and we got some great pictures.

Wondering where that puff went...7.5 months.

This is Emma in her exersaucer. We call the sun her boyfriend because she smiles at it and talks to it all the time. She is 13 weeks.
-Nestie name???

Here is Sean from one of our walks this week, since we have been without a car. He is getting so big! He'll be 7 months old this weekend.

Here is Linc practicing his computing skills last night. He loves "typing" on the keyboard.

Kiran is so excited that warmer weather = no footie pajamas! He loooves his toes, and toe-sucking is his favorite new activity. I tried to take a picture of him in the act, but he stopped to smile for the camera. He is five months today!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week Seven - April 19-25, 2009

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great holiday, we all have suck cute little Easter babes!

This weeks theme is sleeping babies! We all know they sleep (even if it is only occasionally)!

Remember directions to post are in the right hand side bar, and I'll post pics to the post from the comments as I get them.

Avery sleeping like an angel!

This one makes me laugh because this is NOT how Lilly went to bed the night before! I wish I had a video camera I could fast forward through the night to see what kinds of shenanagins go on that crib!

Maddie sleeping - around 3 months old

This goes way back to when Harrison was about 1 day or 2 old, but it has always been one of my favorites.

This is why I love cosleeping. How can this not be the best thing in the world to wake up to? And, because I couldn't pick just one, here's Allie taking a nap in her swing with her soft frog and her super-soft zebra blanket.

Yes, he deliberately put that whale over his eyes to fall asleep. It was pretty funny to watch him position it just so.

Kailey was almost 3 months here. I was trying to get dishes done and she was fussy, so I strapped her into the high chair while I was washing dishes. I gave her frog to her and her paci and in about 3 seconds she was out.

I took this with one hand while Tyler was sleeping in my arm. I just love the hand under the chin.

Here is Sean from way back in December, not the best I have but the easiest to get to. He still sleeps with that monkey EVERY night, he loves it. Somehow he always ends up nose to nose with it.

Emma was about 1 month old here. She no longer used the positioner but still sleeps with her arms like that.

Sophia was only a few days old here, but this has always been one of my favorite pics of her.

Ben asleep after a bath he was about a month old here.

Kate asleep on her boppy striking a pose she was about a month old here as well.

DH left Oliver playing with his sock in the baby jail while he ran upstairs to make a bottle to start bedtime. When he returned a few minutes later, this is what he found. Apparently, he just nodded off and toppled over mid-sock playing! lol

He was 24 hours old. It's still my favorite one.
mrs ross

Here's a recent one -- so peaceful! I love how he looks like a little man even though he's only 4 months...something about his build and all his hair!
- dr.girlfriend

This one is right after DH got back from his first work trip (Vegas) after she was born. They were both quite tired.

Eva at 2 weeks

Zachary around 2 weeks

Jocelyn looks like a bird in this pic
- Heether

I call this one "Milk Coma". This is DS passed out after a bottle one day. I have so many of him sleeping, this kid sleeps ANYWHERE!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week Six - April 12 - 18, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

We all have such adorable happy babies!

This weeks theme is Easter/Passover celebration pictures(if you don't celebrate either just give me your favorite Spring picture).

Remember directions to post are in the right hand side bar, and I'll post pics to the post from the comments as I get them.

MoinMoin and Baby Liam.

Sean will forgive me someday for the bunny ears... But he was SO cute!

Hadley's First Easter

Lincoln's spring picture from the beginning of April. It was a beautiful day outside in Arizona.

My boys doing their best imitation of the Easter Bunny.

Maddie in her Easter bonnet... I'm biased, but I thought she looked so pretty today :-)

Pardon my head in the way, I just love Emma's expression in this picture. We were opening her gifts from the Easter bunny.

My boys after church on Easter. Daddy bought that outfit for Oliver before he was born especially for his 1 year Easter, and then dressed the same. Aren't they cute?

My pretty Bunny!

All dressed up with a basket of cheerio-filled Easter eggs! What could be better??

I didn't have a good picture of her in her Easter dress, but this one is from my parent's house the day before Easter.

Kailey and her bunny :)

Jocelyn with her bunny ears

Kate in her bunny ears.

Ben in his bunny ears.

"Look what I found!" Andrew's first Easter egg hunt.

Tyler with his First Easter bib.